I am at Hong Kong and I already love the view around me. The airport is surrounded by shady hills. And I can see some speedy boats running around me. I can imagine an awesome place beyond these hills.

I am on my way to Toronto. I am moving to Toronto for a while for work. I am planning to write more on Toronto along with books of course.

Now the giveaways. I asked a very dear blogger to choose one winner for me.

And the winner is ………. is ………….


Mail me your deets and I ll forward I to Rukun.

And next one. A twitter giveaway of The Wildings. I liked the recommendations by Yatin, @esotericphoenix and Raghav. They replied in the same order. I entered their order in random.org and it generated no 2.

So Esoteric wins. One of my dear twitter friend and hells I don’t know your name honey. Good time to get to know each other pretty. I ll take some time to send your book but my dear daddy has promised to post.

I am gonna miss you all due to time zone but I ll make sure I am in connect.

Loads of love.