This is an exciting post for me. Couple of months back, I coaxed my boyfriend to write a review since he reads books too. He is a non-fiction reader, quite opposite to my tastes. So when Yatin sent this book, it sounded like Saurabh’s kind of book. And he agreed. 🙂

Give it up for Saurabh folks.:D

thebottomlineUnderstanding life has never been easy. Life unfolds new and different colours every now and then. Although it is not that complex but it is not that simple too.

“The Bottom Line” gives you a pause and takes you a step back from your current state so that you can visualise the broader perspectives of life and think about the very purpose of your existence.

About The Author
Sonu V C is an HR professional and is presently associated with VivaKi India, part of a French Multinational Publicis Groupe. He became one of the members of the advisory board of ASHA (Association for Social Health and Advancement), an NGO at the age of 21. He also moved on to become a certified trainer from ISTD (Indian Society for Training and Development) at a pretty young age of 25. He has conducted a number of training programmes/workshops on Team Building, Personality Development, Leadership Development and Effective Communication Skills for organisations like Ambuja Realty, Advance Group of Companies etc.

Recently, he has started Deepika Foundation, an organisation which aims at bringing light in the lives of many by working in the areas of education, health and livelihood.

And Saurabh says

Earth has witnessed rise of men of immense wisdom. Plato, Aristotle, Newton, Rousseau and their likes have roamed this planet. Their thoughts have inspired generations and have made them immortals. Bottomline will not do anything like that to Sonu VC. In fact it will fade from your memory sooner than a Ram Gopal Verma movie.

This is a wannabe philosophers imagination gone terribly wrong and for the sake of humanity I must warn the seekers of ultimate truth, there are no revelations in this book. If I must sum up my experience of braving the complete lack of sense that is this book…I would say..thank heavens I dint buy it.

I must admit that I could relate to Sonu VC as I began reading the book, and I am sure most of you will. I had the same questions about the purpose of life, the reason for my existance, the ultimate truth, that eternally haunt those of us who cant find a girl in college who would settle for their sorry selves, and then try to philosophise about love after smoking pot. About the book, divided into 8 chapters it aspires to ask serious questions, but instead ends up making a mockery of the subject. Meaningless examples and endless questions add flavour not suited to the topic. The book uses an immature language(very unbecoming of a MBA grad) which seriously put me off. And if all that wasnt enough to massacre the analytical neurons in your brain, the book is full of grammatical errors( yes..even the acknowledgement wasnt spared the humilliation). The subject has not been researched and the book screams a lack of basic reading on worldly-wise topics of birth and death, love and hatred, values and life itself.

I will not write about the content of the book, not just because I barely found any,but also because I could perform a post-mortem on each of his sentences, ask him endless questions, present him with counter arguments and then bask in the sadistic satisfaction of ruining an authors career.

I will, with all the angelic kindness in my heart,leave Sonu with an advice. There is ample written material on such topics. Sages and rishis have researched the topic much and God himself has spoken on it (in Gita). Religious scriptures, sociological writings starting from renaissance era and contemporary Indian thinkers have contributed a lot to this difficult yet fascinating field of study. I will congratulate Sonu for taking an attempt at it but perhaps a book was premature. I wish to see his writing mature and hope his future pieces are work of art. So far as my opinion of the book goes, to rate it on a scale of five stars, I will give it a black hole.