I recently discovered Zubaan Books and I am in awe of this publication’s profile and their objective is just too inspiring. And hence this post.


They are a non-profit feminist publishing house with books for ,on and/or written by women. You can check their books here

Zubaan’s objectives are: 
· To work towards increasing and expanding the body of knowledge on and by women in India in particular and in the Third World in general
· To provide a forum where women writers can debate the issues they are concerned with, and a space where they can publish and be read
· To provide assistance to women’s groups and NGOs in the basics of documentation, publishing, writing, and archiving
· To train women’s groups and NGO activists in editorial and production skills
· To hold workshops in creative writing for young girls and women
· To encourage well-known women writers to contribute at least part of their work in the form of stories, short novellas, etc for the production of post literacy materials for adults and to publish these, in collaboration with NGOs and others, in several Indian languages
· To work towards building up a culture of translating works by Indian writers (particularly women writers) within and between the Indian languages
· To ensure that women’s writings are given their rightful place inside curricula and syllabi in universities, educational institutions and schools
· To increase and expand the body of knowledge about the girl child and female children in India
· To lobby for changes, take part in campaigns, to work with government and international and other institutions for the improvement of the status of women in India

(From their website here)

I like these titles but for now I think I will be buying The Missing Queen & their forthcoming title The Fabulous Feminist.