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So @zaqijo said that he has some books I will love for my Hyderabad trip. And he was so very right. He gave me authors I had never read before. And I started with this tiny little book with thickness of about 40 pages and devoured it in barely 15 minutes. Read it. Wanted it more. Re-read it. 🙂

Adrian Tomine’s fiancée wanted to gift a souvenir to her guests attending her marriage and she insists that Adrian draw a small comic book based on their marriage. And hence this book.

He draws the effects of organizing a marriage has on a couple. Well Adrian has drawn more of effect on him. And he has taken care of everything in these 48 pages. From  invitees to music, stopping nonsense like exercising to social service post marriage and yes his socks too.

This book is cute and light-hearted. And Adrian has an eye for detail. With chuckles and broad smiles, you will love this book for sure.



At the behest of his soon-to-be wife, Adrian Tomine set out to create a wedding favor for their guests that would be funnier and more personal than the typical chocolate bars and picture frames. What started out as a simple illustrated card soon grew into a full-fledged comic book: a collection of short strips chronicling the often absurd process of getting married. A loose, cartoony departure from Tomine???s previous work, Scenes from an Impending Marriage is a sweet-natured, laugh out-loud skewering of the modern marriage process, including hiring a DJ, location scouting, trips to the salon, suit fittings, dance lessons, registering for gifts, and managing familial demands. The most personal and autobiographical work of Tomine’s career, Scenes from an Impending Marriage is a charming, delightful token of love. (from flipkart)