Continuing my search of similar Indian book bloggers, today I have Yatin with me on my blog. He writes mostly on books and at times on his travel here

Yatin speaks whatever is on his mind and one of the very honest person I have come across. His honesty is reflected in this post. He is one of the most active person on twitter. I enjoy reading his reviews. I hope you like them too.

In this post, he tells us his blogging story and his love for books.

Please give a warm welcome to Yatin, folks. 🙂

Me About My Thoughts

This is going to be probably the first guest post that I am writing here. Wrote a few before, but they are still lying in the dark corners of the mailboxes of people who had asked me to write for them. That explains that my writing skills are not that good.

Me About My Thoughts, which is also the name of my main blog, happened to me when someone dear to me told me that I am a self-centered person, I don’t care about people around me and I am too full of myself, which was absolute rubbish but then I took everything that was said it in my stride and started blogging because my thoughts needed an escape route. Initially, it was all about pouring my heart out, too much ranting and stuff but then I thought why not take it more seriously and start doing something that can be read by people. I mean who would want to read your philosophical rubbish that only makes sense to you. 😛

I started writing travelogues (I love traveling) , movie reviews (I love movies too) , random musings, personal experiences (I think I am an okayish storyteller) and the latest addition to the list are book reviews.

Reading happened to me out of nowhere. I think I have inherited it from my
father, who is a voracious reader. I don’t even remember which was the first book (must be some comics) that I read but what I can tell you is, I have this habit of collecting books, to begin with I had some 500 academic books lying with me when I finished my school. Whether I read them or not, they were there with me. Now I have donated them to my juniors, my school library and my students also (Yes, I teach Maths as a hobby).

During college, I read many books but never really followed what actually is happening in the publishing industry. I used to borrow books from friends who were too much into reading. I read the entire Harry Potter series, all of Dan Brown’s books, Chetan Bhagat’s, and some random including Khaleid Houssini’s books as well. It was in the final year of the college that I got to know that I have a knack for reading and that’s when I started taking it seriously.

And quite recently, explored a new me, who can read for hours and hours, also discovered my favorite spot in my house where these days I sit for hours with books lying all around me. I never thought I would be reading 25-30 books in a month (which is what I am doing right now). Reading 3-4 books simultaneously, keeping a track of which are the latest books coming, reviewing books for some of the top-notch publishers of the country, what more does a reader wants? Also, I am getting to meet authors, getting my books signed by them. It feels like I am living in a different world altogether where things that I never imagined would happen are actually happening.

“Mein Kampf” and the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Issacson are my two favorite books. Both biographies and they are bibles for me in their own way. Though, both the personalities are quite controversial, Hitler is hated almost everywhere in the world because of what he did to humanity. I don’t intend to become like him, but there are some good things that you can learn from his life.

The man tells you how to be strong, how to take decisions and stand by them and how not to care about the world. The Steve Job’s biography tells you about how to struggle in a competitive world, how to implant your ideas in other people’s brains, also dedication and hard work never go for unnoticed. The world these days rave about Apple, almost everyone wants to have an Apple product with him or her. I personally own many of Apple’s gadgets; I am a freak that ways.

When it comes to fiction, the list of my favorite books is endless. I would not like to be unfair here so I wont put the list. But I have a great affinity towards thrillers and books high on emotion.

I don’t really know how to end this one, but I guess, I should thank Alpa, the owner of this blog for giving me a space to tell the world more about myself. Also thanks to twitter for connecting me to her.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MeABoutMyThoughts
Mumbai Travelogue: www.mumbaisaga.blogspot.in
Bhangarh Travelogue: www.bhangarh-revisited.blogspot.in

Thank you Yatin. It was a great pleasure having you here.