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Music is the soul of my life. Primary being books :). I thought of writing a little about the music too on this blog. Hope you all like the idea.

Some added information: I play guitar 🙂

I will try to write more about what I am listening to or my favorite songs,albums,bands etc on Thursdays. I will call this feature as Thursday Tunes :).

These days I have been listening to a song – In My City sung by our very own Priyanka Chopra ft Will I am.

She was surprising and amazing. I just love her voice and the way song has come out. She should sing more and I am really waiting for more from her.

I think the video could have been much better. But nonetheless , she looks amazing.

She says the song is inspired by many cities she has lived in while growing up. And I can totally relate to it. I have lived in Mumbai,London and currently in Bangalore and each city has defined me in some way.

Mumbai gave me a character and an attitude. London gave me independence. Independence of thoughts and living. I was introduced to blogging in London. Bangalore is just giving me some fun of life.

Here’s the song. Enjoy

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