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    Title: Shades Of Life – Sublime Joy is in Living

    Author: Vasundhara Ramanujan & Mohammad Akmal, MD

    Genre: Non-fiction

    Publisher: Westland

    Publication Date: November 2010

    Source: BlogAdda.com.

    Paperback: 195 Pages

    Stand Alone or Series: Stand Alone

Goodreads Says:

In “Shades of Life,” author VasundharaRamanujan tells of her son’s struggles with renal failure and the subsequent effects that his disease had on his life. The story traces the major stages of the progression of his disease and at each stage offers a glimpse into the physical, emotional, and psychological impacts of renal disease.

This series of chronological events shows how both mindsets of Aditya and his family collectively evolved until they were able to comprehend, accept, and eventually find the courage to overcome the challenges and continue leading a positive and meaningful life.Vasundhara candidly tells this story to help others appreciate the enormity of the disease, to help them be prepared to meet the ordeal, and to help them find a life-saving solution. 


Vasundhara  says the book is meant for information not entertainment. I tried to treat the book the way she wants it to be. I stopped my heart to intervene. I kept saying ‘BE STILL MY HEART. DONT REACT.’ But it refused to.

Every page turned made me restless.It poured information. It poured difficulties Vasundhara and her family faced. It poured emotions. Fear, Worry, Care, Love and family together. And everything was so fast one after the other that I barely had time to gasp and reflect. I can understand how difficult it would have been for them.

The book made me understand how easy and difficult it is to give your part of body to someone you love.

Vasundhara comes across as courageous and resistant woman. A mother who can go places to see his son happy. Aditya makes me cherish life. His spirit and outlook towards life is commendable. His struggle with renal failure  and his achievements give a pleasant definition to life.

How you respond to problems will make or break your life ? The way Aditya and Vasundhara responded is laudable and something that I take away from this book for rest of my life.

I think everyone will take their own learning from the book when  it comes to information. I have 2 lovely niece, 5 and 3 years old. I called my sister and shared Vasundhara’s experience of Aditya’s bedwetting with her. We agreed that we would take care and not ignore smallest of signs like these.

The book is a quick step-by-step summary of processes and treatments to look for if you are looking for short renal failure treatment guide. It is not exhaustive but will give you a fair idea of what you need to watch for.

Oh, and Dhananjay is brave and a sweetheart. :). Read the book to find out. Its worth every penny and every second.