A private experience is a short story by Chimamanda Adichie.

A Private Experience follows story of Chika who has come for vacation to Abuja with his Sister from New York. She was shopping in a market with his sister when a riot occurs and she is separated from her sister. Terrorized by the situation she follows a women who leads her to a very small shop.

Chika and this women have absolutely nothing in common. They are of different religions and belong to different classes of society. Adiche handles these differences very beautifully in the story.

Chika is separated from her sister,Nnedi in market due to riots and in the story she keeps visualizing their future.

Adiche has a very profound voice. You would not be disappointed for sure.

This story is set in times of Nigerian Civil war. I recommend reading Half of a yellow sun by Adiche. I think this story made more sense to me because I had read that book.