It’s been a while I have written any reviews.I have been having kind of a reading lag as I am spending more and more time in gym after work. ☺

But I have some fair amount of reviews lined up.I am gonna try and write reviews a bit more often than I used to.I promise. I swear. 😃

But I am going to make some changes on my blog. First is I am gonna try and justify my reads a bit more and judge them a bit less. So I am not going to write ratings in my review. I do like ratings a bit easy to find good reads when I read reviews by others. So I am going to have a review database where I will link my reviews under a rating. Hope this is fair to fellow bloggers and readers. I would really like to discuss this review and rating in future. For now I am glad I am back after a lag. 😊

I would also be reviewing more classics and fiction which I was avoiding to keep this blog as speculative fiction blog. And moreover I want this blog to be more of personal reading experience.

I am going to do some work to connect socially on Facebook,twitter because there is so much to talk and listen which I cannot manage on blog.

And I am soon going to have tumblr. I need a space for my music movies and tv series passion and what could be better other than tumblr.

I will also sort my giveaways. I apologise for the delay and negligence.

So that’s the come back plan. I hope I can stick to it.

Thank you all for being patient with me.