The invitation card has a Western theme. Along its margins, cartoon girls in cowboy hats chase a herd of wild Ponies. The Ponies are no taller than the girls, bright as butterflies, fat, with short round-tipped unicorn horns and small fluffy wings. At the bottom of the card, newly caught Ponies mill about in a corral. The girls have lassoed a pink-and-white Pony. Its eyes and mouth are surprised round Os. There is an exclamation mark over its head.

Barbara and her pony are invited to the party and all they want at this point of life is to be accepted, to be included.

I don’t know what took me so long to write this post.This was one of the best reads happened to me this year.This short story gives you a lot in just three pages.Its heart wrenching and made me sad.It also tells the truth we know but deny to accept and we keep overlooking the fact as child and as we grow that we do so many things we don’t want,just to be accepted.

Click  to read the story available at tor.com.

You cannot afford to lose this one with time.It would be one of the best read, I am sure.

Dear Kij ,

You are one of my best finds this year.Thank you for expanding my shelf area.Please don’t ever stop writing.

I leave you with

She is an amazing writer.She has one more award winning short story ‘Fox Magic’.Click here or image to read her short stories.Her novels sound very interesting.I want them, I want them. 😀