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  Title: When the wind blows

  Author: Raymond Briggs

  Genre: Graphic Novel

  Publisher: Penguin

  Publication Date: Feb 1982

                                    Source: Library but I am going to buy one

                                    Paperback: 48 Pages

                                    Stand Alone or Series: Stand Alone

When the wind blows is a story of elderly couple, James and Hilda Bloggs , trying to survive nuclear holocaust. Soviet Union is about to attack England. James Bloggs brings leaflets issued by local government to prepare for and aftermath  of nuclear bomb strike on England.He make arrangements by following the leaflet to protect himself and his wife from nuclear attack.


This is a super awesome book you cannot miss.It doesn’t matter if you don’t read graphic novel.You have to read this book. 😀

This book would make you laugh and cry and shiver.

James and Hilda Bloggs are a very naive and elderly couple living in English countryside.They don’t have worldly knowledge. And t hey are not very wise.They are simply elderly retired happy couple trying to understand government decisions and protect themselves from the nuclear holocaust.They take all the precautions mentioned in the leaflet but slowly unknowingly die of radiation. 😦

You will love James and Hilda Bloggs.They are funny, lovely and adorable.Raymond Briggs uses old fashioned words and language for dialogues between them and I enjoyed the language.

You will also find mild satire on government decisions and their measure to protect civilians in such situations.

Though the book is just 48 pages long, it takes more than anticipated time to read.You will still finish the book in one sitting.Each page has around 30 blocks of cartoon.Briggs uses pastel shades and very good facial expressions to tell the story. Have a look.

I am sure you would not like to miss this book.

I rate: 10, Perfeccione

Additional Information: 

There is an animated movie based on this book.You can watch the movie on youtube.

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