I decided to review my rating system.I find the rating system of 1 to 5 really inconvenient.It doesn’t help me to distinguish between books conveniently.So I want to introduce a rating system from 1 to 10.

So I present to you my new rating system. 🙂

 10 Perfeccione
You cannot afford to skip this book in your lifetime.Treasure it.A flawless diamond.

9 Outstanding
Why are you reading the review.Go grab a copy.

8 Admirable!!!Worthy

Now I loved it so much.Very very well written.Good work.And needs a push up on your TBR pile.

7 Muah!!!
Recommended.Entertaining.Well written.Of course you should try putting it on TBR pile.

6 Ahh !!! Well it was good.
Liked it.But you can skip it if you want.But the author would be on my radar.

5 Meh!!!I am indifferent.
Now this book was neither great nor bad.

4 Bad!!!
Now I did like this book but it proved to be disgraceful.But it just saved me some torture.Sorry didn’t work for me.

3 Awful !!! Such a shame !!!
Now this book showed me some quality story or writing but just proved to be disgraceful as it progressed.Sorry, it didn’t work for me but I see that I did like it at some point while reading.

2 Crap!!! Completed but suffered

Now this is the book where you keep turning pages to get something good, but hell you reached the end and what a headache.Sorry I kept expecting till end of the book but…..

1 Yuk!!! Complete waste of time and money
Sorry this book didn’t work for me.