No Place Like Holmes – Jason Lethcoe

Genre – Teen,Mystery

Source – Netgalley/Publisher (Thomas Nelson)

Release Date – 10 May 2011

Amazon Description

The new resident in 221B Baker Street is about to give Sherlock Holmes a run for his magnifying glass! When Griffin is sent to stay with his detective uncle at 221B Baker Street for the summer, he is certain that his uncle must be the great Sherlock Holmes! But Griffin is disappointed to discover that Holmes lives at 221A Baker Street and his uncle lives unit 221B. His uncle is a detective, just not a very good one. But when Griffin meets a woman with a case that Holmes has turned away for being too ridiculous, he and his uncle team up to help her. Along the way, Griffin shows his uncle just what it means to have true faith in God, even when the case challenges that. The woman claims that her husband was eaten by the Loch Ness Monster, but monsters aren’t real – or are they?
Now who would not like to be Holmes’s nephew.Griffin Sharpe, a twelve year old boy from America, comes to London to understand and live English culture.When he realizes, that his uncle in London is very famous detective, he has more reason to be happy.But he realizes that  Rupert Snodgrass is his uncle and he is a detective as well and lives in 221A.
Griffin Sharpe is intelligent and keen observer and you will notice that the moment he lands in London.I love Griffin Sharpe as the youngest and most secretive detective of 1932.
Rupert Snodgrass has not done much as detective.And his character as detective obsessed by Holmes’s fame was a bit presumable for me.But i liked the way Lethcoe has written Snodgrass.He is a man of science and instruments and solves case using instruments he makes.
At the end, Holmes is retiring and leaves London in hands of Sharpe and Snodgrass.
I quite liked the book.And am waiting to read more of Sharpe cases and I am waiting for him to grow into Holmes
When i read the word Holmes, I was kinda expecting Holmes involved.As i have grown reading Sherlock Holmes.But at the end I was happy with the new detectives.
And of course I didn’t expect a ’12 year old kid to solve Hound of Baskervilles.But if Lethcoe continues to grow with Sharpe,I would love to see Sharpe grow to solve Hound of Baskervilles.
No Place Like Holmes is easy and fun read.
From the book
When you stir up a Hornet’s nest, you are bound to get a few stings.
I rate : 4/5