Four Letters Of Love – Niall Williams

Amazon desciption
‘When I was twelve years old God spoke to my father for the first time. God didn’t say much. He told my father to be a painter and left it at that . . . ‘ So begins Niall Williams’ magical tale about love and destiny. Nicholas Coughlan and Isabel Gore were made for each other — but fate doesn’t always take the easiest or the most obvious route to true love. For a start, Nicholas and Isabel have never met and nor are they likely to, without some kind of divine intervention. But as God, ghosts, a series of coincidences and seemingly chance events and encounters conspire to bring the couple together, other — often more human — forces attempt to keep them apart. ‘What will be, will be,’ of course, but that doesn’t guarantee a happy-ever-after ending, nor answer the question ‘Will they, won’t they?’ Written in a lyrical, lilting tone, Four Letters of Love is a glorious, uplifting story about faith, about seizing the moment, believing in your instincts and acting on impulse — and about following your heart, no matter where it may lead.


Sorry for picking the description from Amazon but i thought no other words can describe this book better.

Nicholas Coughlan’s father leaves public services, abandons his family, and goes to paint on God’s calling.Nicholas’ mother dies after sometime when his father returns.Nicholas spent a desperate and sad childhood when his father was away painting.Nicholas was sure that his family was surrounded by cloud of unhappiness.He was waiting for a miracle.
After his mother died, God spoke to his father again.His father left for painting.Nicholas was  sure that there has been no such thing as God’s calling and that his father was wrong about it.Nicholas took to public services to pay bills for both his father and himself.Nicholas father died.
Isabel Gore was amazing dancer and dances to the tune of his brother Sean, a musical prodigy.Unless one day fit strikes Sean
and he loses his speech and freedom of movement while playing tune to which Isabel was dancing.Isabel, full of guilt because of his brother’s state and her family’s expectation. goes to Galway school.She falls in love and marries Peader.

But the book said Nicholas Coughlan and Isabel Gore were made for each other.
Until part four of the book, there was no connection between Nicholas and Isabel.I was now getting desperate to know how Nicholas and Isabel meet after all.And it is breathtaking to read how series of event lead Nicholas to Isabel.

I was reading Niall William for the first time.And I am so waiting to read novels written by him.Four letters of love is lyrical and mystical.
It is a story of love and lost and hope and faith.

The relationship beween Nicholas father and mother,Isabel’s father and mother, Isabel and Peader, Nicholas and Isabel is very beautifully
written.I could see how life shattered in relationships and how people are tied to each other because of four lettered word ‘Love’.This book
does tell that love is all about hope and faith.

I could not drop the book once it took its pace.And the book is so well written that you dont want to miss anything in it.Ireland is described
very beautifully in some parts.The books is easy to read.It is divided in Seven parts and each part contains small chapters.

I just wish Isabel’s mother would have given her four letters written by Nicholas.But fate takes its own turn.

The book does become too desciptive at times but i think we can bear a bit of it.Some of the things in the book seem a bit unreal but they do go well in the context written.I think the wrong part of this book can be ignored if you want 🙂

Highly Recommened.

I rate : 4.5/5