Midnight days is collection of stories which went unpublished in his other books.

There are 5 stories in this books

  1. Jack In The Green
    Drawn by Stephen Bissette and John Totleben.
    Jack in the Green is the story of the ‘Swamp Thing’ at the death of his friend.
    I dont know much of the Swamp Thing as I have just started reading Neil Gaiman’s graphic novels. As a first time reader of Swamp Thing, I could follow the story but there was nothing much in it. The graphics were nice and the Swamp thing was nicely drawn.
  2. Brothers
    Drawn by Richard Piers Rayner and Mike Hoffman.
    This is supposed to be a Swamp Thing story but there is no Swamp thing in it.It marks the return of Brother Power.Gaiman brings in the retro look (in times of Reagan) and I quite liked it. Also the joker in the story reminds me of ‘Dark Knight'(though this is out of context.
  3. Shaggy Dog Stories
    Drawn by Mike Mignola.
    In this story Jason Woodrue (the Floronic Man) accompanied by his pet,Milton goes to the Green for answers to some of his questions.
    I quite liked the graphics and story.
  4. Hold Me
    Drawn by Dave McKean.
    This story is about John Constantine’s homelesness and isolation.And desperation of human contact.I found this to be the best story in the collection and I am sure you will like it as well.
  5. Sandman Midnight Theater
    This story is about Wesley Dodd who has come to England to solve a case and runs into his ex-girlfriend.I liked Dodd’s character and he did keep me engaged.But to comment on it further, I think i would need to read Sandman Series.

I happened to pick this book as it was available in library and I quite liked the first look of it.But I would recommend you read Swamp Thing, Sandman , Hell Blazer etc first to follow the book.I had to keep going to google for these terms as I am quite new to the concept of Graphic Novels.

I am sure people who have read Gaiman’s work will enjoy it more than me.

I would not like to rate this book. But considering that i had read Gaiman’s Coraline and do have some idea of his Graphic novels, I would give Gaiman’s story telling 3/5 and graphics 4/5.

From the book I liked

If you love someone, let them freeee……..

Do let me know your views on Midnight Days ๐Ÿ™‚