The Elephant’s Child – Rudyard Kipling
The Elephant’s child is a story of a child elephant who was full of ‘satiable curtiosity’ and kept asking questions like ‘What made Giraffe’s skin spotty?’. In answer he would get a nice spanking from his uncle(Giraffe), aunt(Hippopotamus), and all his other relatives to whom he asked the question.

Then one day Elephant’s Child got inqusitive about what do crocodiles have for dinner.He took Kokolo bird’s advice and went to Limpopo river to find an answer.

What happens next is for you to read :).I am sure you would be interested in knowing the physical change the answer brought in all Elephants.

The story comes under children’s read.But it is a fun read.I would recommend it to anyone who loves reading short stories

And as far as rating goes,here it is.

I rate : 3.5/5

Time to read : 10-15 minutes

Do let me know if you enjoyed reading the story.